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Projects are booked/scheduled on a first come, first served basis. In order to for your project to begin you need to have the following ready to handover:

  1. Content: a listing of all the pages you want to have initially on your site, and the content (copy) to go with them
  2. Images: if you'd like to include photos on your site, you must have these ready (either on a USB, or using a service like Dropbox. If you would like photos used on your site, but do not have any good quality shots available, there are some options available to you via stock photos (fotolia.com or istockphoto.com).
  3. Logo: if you have a logo, we will need this in the highest quality format that you can provide (the higher the resolution, the better)
  4. Deposit: a 50% deposit ($600) is required up front, and will only be accepted if you have everything else ready to go.

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