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Projects are booked/scheduled on a first come, first served basis. In order to for your project to begin you need to have the following ready to handover:

  1. Content: a listing of all the pages you want to have initially on your site, and the content (copy) to go with them
  2. Images: if you'd like to include photos on your site, you must have these ready (either on a USB, or using a service like Dropbox . If you would like photos used on your site, but do not have any good quality shots available, there are some options available to you via stock photos ( or
  3. Logo: if you have a logo, we will need this in the highest quality format that you can provide (the higher the resolution, the better)
  4. Deposit: a 50% deposit ($600) is required up front, and will only be accepted if you have everything else ready to go.

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